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Train Simulator 2019!

On Friday, October 12th at 7PM EST/6PM CST/12AM BST, we will be livestreaming the latest iteration of Train Simulator, featuring the Soldier Summit + Salt Lake City route extension, a remastered Portsmouth Direct Line, and the Rhine Railway + Frankfurt High Speed route extension! Don't miss out, and there will be a brief Q&A at the end!

GamePlay is back!

It's been a while since we've done a GamePlay episode, but now the series is back and better than ever! In this episode, Sage, joined by several affiliates (including a guest caller), will be playing the first game in the Jackbox Party Pack 3, Quiplash 2, the far superior follow-up to the original! Boy, did we have some fun moments here and there... Also, wait until near the end of this episode for something interesting!


See our old content for the first time in a long time!

Throughout the month of October (until the 27th), we will be pushing out (in chronological order) the majority of our old video content from 2014, and some of our now taken down YouTube content from 2015, to our Patrons only via both our Patreon page and our Community Discord's Patrons-only section, where you can access them in all of its original glory!


Join our Community Discord.

Hangout with our SFC Group affiliates and other viewers, discuss about ideas for our video series, join in gaming sessions streamed through Mixer, get access to Patreon-exclusive content, and more, all in one place.


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