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We are The SFC Group.

Since 2013, we've strived to make the best quality content for people of all ages. We produce a variety of content such as tech reviews, gaming playthroughs and reviews, animated cartoons, retail history and showcasing, and much more.

The "Ultimate" Hard Drive Teardown...MWHAHAHA!

Everyone knows what a hard drive looks like on the outside, but what about the inside? In this Tech Table episode, we'll be doing the "ultimate teardown" of a broken 1TB hard drive, with absolutely NO trouble I right?!

Learning about Portable DVD Players!

Time for something new and exciting! In this first episode of our new flagship tech series, The Tech Table, we're going to take a look at a cheap Portable DVD Player from SuperSonic, explaining the features and functionality of the system!

RadioShack Shoppers Showcase!

The 80s called...they got their store back...but not its legacy! In this episode of Shoppers Showcase, we're going to take a look at an electronics retailer that once thrived with thousands of stores across the world and surprisingly managed to survive three bankruptcies, but are now a shell of their former self: RadioShack!


GamePlay Live

Our series of gaming livestreams, where it's all dedicated to fun and obscure games. Airs only on Twitch weekly on Saturday nights at 7PM Eastern.


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