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About Us


Who We Are

Sage's Fundamental Community (SageFunCom), commonly referred to as The SFC Group (formerly prior to September 2016), is a content-creation group, where we focus on a variety of content, such as tech vlogs and reviews, gaming playthroughs and reviews, animated cartoons, web comics, documentaries, and more.

Our goal in The SFC Group is to entertain and/or educate people via our content on YouTube, our website, and other web platforms. We try to keep most of our content clean and appropriate for most general audiences, while putting in some comedy and/or humor into them for older audiences.

What We Do

The SFC Group is the home to our key series:

- The Software Room: Our software review series where we look at various operating systems and programs from the past, present, and future. We even cover the latest software announced at press conferences.

- The Tech Table: Our flagship tech series, where we showcase old and new hardware, or sometimes get into some various tech shenanigans.

- GamePlay: Our gaming let's play series, where we take a look at a phethora of video games, ranging from party games to platformers to simulation games.

- GameGuide: Our gaming review series where we look at (in detail) video games and gaming accessories, as well as the history of video game companies. Our gaming reviews are usually scored accordingly using the RoadRailer Scoring System (RRSS).

- Technology Showdown: Our hit animated series and a homage to Computer Showdown, where your favorite tech mascots go on adventures in a world where a showdown may insue. We also have a spin-off series, Technology Showdown Misadventures, where your favorite tech mascots get into all sorts of shenanigans.

- The Sage & EDjr Show: Our upcoming flagship original web comic series, starring Sage and EDjr, where they go on wacky adventures in the animated world, meeting some familiar faces along the way. It is scheduled for a release later in 2019.

- Adventures from the Jackbox: Our upcoming fan-made web comic series, where we discover the world inside the Jackbox. It is scheduled for a release (alongside The Sage & EDjr Show) later in 2019.

- Shoppers Showcase: Our retail documentary series, where we look at the history of and showcase dying or thriving department stores, malls, shopping centers, service plazas, and more.

Our video content is distributed through our YouTube channel, but we also distribute live content through Twitch and Mixer. We also have other ways of notifying people of our latest releases, such as through Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

How We Began

The SFC Group was founded in October 2013 as At the time, it was just a simple website. In January of 2014 however, we started producing video content for our website, before going to YouTube a year later, where we continue to produce video content to this day.

We also began spreading ourselves to other social media platforms, including Google+ (May 2015, now closed), Steam (September 2015, now restricted), Facebook (January 2016), Twitter (December 2016), SoundCloud (March 2017), Discord (March 2017), Twitch (December 2017), and Mixer (October 2018).

For the first years of our website, we used Apple's iWeb softwar, before switching to Adobe Muse in February 2015. In May of 2018, we launched The SFC Site X, powered by Mobirise.

We've also changed our logo over the years, as shown below.


October 2013 - January 2014


January - September 2014


September 2014 - January 2016


Janaury - September 2016


September 2016 - May 2018


May 2018 - present


The SFC Site 1.x (2013-2015)


The SFC Site 1.5.x (2015-2016)


The SFC Site 2.x - 4.x (2016-2018)


The SFC Site X

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