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About Us

The SFC Group

Who We Are

Sage's Fundamental Community (SageFunCom), commonly referred to as The SFC Group, is an independent group focused on a variety of content, such as tech vlogs and reviews, gaming playthroughs and reviews, animated cartoons, web comics, documentaries, and more.

Our goal here is to entertain and/or educate the community through our content on YouTube, our website, and other web platforms. We try to keep most of our content clean and appropriate for most general audiences, while putting in some comedy and/or humor into them for older audiences.

What We Do

The SFC Group is the home to our key series:

- The Tech Table: A tech vlog series where we showcase some old and new hardware, and sometimes get into types of tech shenanigans.

- GamePlay: Our gaming let's play series, where we take a look at a phethora of video games, ranging from party games to platformers, among others.

- The Software Room: Our software review series where we look at various operating systems, applications, and video games from the past and present.

- Shoppers Showcase: Our retail documentary series, where we look at the history of and showcase dying or thriving department stores, malls, shopping centers, service plazas, and more.

- Technology Showdown: Our hit animated series and a homage to Computer Showdown, where your favorite tech mascots go on adventures in a world where a showdown may ensue. We also have a spin-off series, Technology Showdown Misadventures, where your favorite tech mascots get into all sorts of shenanigans.

- The Sage & EDjr Show: Our upcoming flagship original web comic and cartoon short series, starring Sage and EDjr, where they go on wacky adventures in the animated world, meeting some familiar faces along the way.

Our main video and live content are distributed through our YouTube channel, with some live content distributed exclusively through Mixer. We're also available on other social media platforms, such as Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Who Contributes There

Since October 2013, The SFC Group has been owned by Sage Stevenson, born a tech enthusiast, a historian, and a gamer. He does the majority of the work here, which includes the directing, producing, writing, editing, graphics design, voice acting, animation, live stream hosting, and much, much more.

However, he's not alone: We have other contributors who play key roles inside The SFC Group:

- EDJRMorpheus95 is the lead storyboard artist and animator for The Sage & EDjr Show, has starred in the GamePlay series, and will be voicing the role Ubuntu in Technology Showdown, and EDjr in The Sage & EDjr Show.

- SuperStar64 is a contributor for our Tech Table and Software Room series, has starred in the GamePlay series, and will voice Jack in The Sage & EDjr Show.

- LunalaRose has starred in the GamePlay series, and will be voicing Mojave in Technology Showdown, and Luna Rosa in The Sage & EDjr Show.

- StevenJam has starred in the GamePlay series, and has even hosted the GamePlay subseries, Minecraft with StevenJam.

- TheCodingGuy is currently a secondary moderator on our Discord server.

- TonyTainMent has starred in the GamePlay series, and has voiced Zonbu in the Technology Showdown animated series.

- Tal Tomko will be voicing Windows in the Technology Showdown animated series.

- Corey (CJSpot) has voiced Xerox in the Technology Showdown animated series.

How Far We've Come


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Our History

Our history goes way back to 2007, when the URL was registered, but we didn't officially get started until 2013.

Major Milestones

October 2013 was Founded

The SFC Group was founded as in October of 2013, and alongside it, we launched our website, later known as The SFC Site.

January 2014

First Video Uploaded

On January 2nd, 2014, we uploaded our first video to The SFC Site.

February 2015

The Launch of our YouTube Channel

Back then, we uploaded videos through our website. However, as the quality of our content got bigger and better, so did the space on our web servers. Thus, we decided to jump to YouTube, where we currently upload videos to this day. Around the same time, we switched from iWeb to Adobe Muse for The SFC Site.

January 2016

SFC Adopts a New Tagline

Previously, we had used the taglines "Tech. Gaming. Entertainment." in 2014, and "Where Trains and Technology Come Together." in 2015. But starting in January 2016, we debuted a new tagline, "Tech and gaming is our tradition.", which represented what we do here. The tagline was used for 3 years until it was retired in 2019.

September 2016 Becomes The SFC Group

On September 1st, 2016, was renamed to The SFC Group, to push ourselves in a more professional direction.

October 2016

Our First Livestream Goes on the Air

On October 29th, 2016, we broadcasted our first livestream on YouTube, under the live series name, SFC Live. The show would continue to run until June 16th, 2018, when it officially ended.

March 2018

SFC Goes to Patreon

In March of 2018, we launched our Patreon page as another way for our fans to help support our content. Slowly but surely, we started offering benefits, such as early access to our latest content, as well as exclusive access to our archived content.

May 2018

The Beginning of a New Era

On May 1st, 2018, following the announcement of Adobe discontinuing Muse, we completely rebuilt The SFC Site from scratch in Mobirise, rebranded and consolidated most of our video series, and gave SFC its full name: Sage's Fundamental Community. The SFC Group name however continues to be used as our main group name to this day.

October 2018

5 Year Anniversary

In October of 2018, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary, with the introduction of our Mixer page, along with new content uploads with new layouts.

2019 - Present

What the Future Holds for Us

We've come a long way since our founding, and we're not stopping; we've got lots of content planned for the future, and we're continuing to expand our presense and increase talent so we can get better quality content out faster, while still maintaining quality over quantity. Let's hope the future brings us the best!

The SFC Logo Evolution

October 2013 - January 2014

January - September 2014

September 2014 - January 2016

Janaury - September 2016

September 2016 - May 2018

May 2018 - Present

February 2019 - Present