Who We Are

The SFC Group is a website and channel that focuses mostly on tech and games. Our goal here is to entertain and educate people through our content on our website, along with other web platforms.

The primary place to see our content is through our website. Our videos are hosted through our YouTube channel, with some live content streamed through Mixer. We’re also available on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date news regarding our content, along with some fun stuff.

What We Do

The SFC Group comprises of three core series:

We’ve also delved into animation and art (GamePlay Cartoons and our most popular special: Technology Showdown, a Computer Showdown Classic homage), as well as short films that are part of our specials category: Occasional videos that aren’t part of the main three.

How We Started

The SFC Group was started in October of 2013 as Sagefun.com, with the first incarnation of our website, built with iWeb.

In January 2014, we began making videos for our website. At first, they were hosted through our web server, before we started hosting videos through YouTube in February 2015. Alongside that, we introduced the second incarnation of our website, built with Adobe Muse.

In May 2018, after Adobe announced that Muse would be discontinued, we introduced the third incarnation of our website, built with Mobirise.

In October 2019, we introduced the fourth and current incarnation of our website, built with WordPress and Elementor. This allowed us to go back to our roots: focusing on making content for both our website and YouTube channel.

Since we started, we’ve expanded onto other web platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Mixer.

As a group, we care about our viewers (and of course our fans), and will (as always) continue to create the best quality content we possibly can. We’ve come a long way since we started; let’s hope the future brings us the best!