Like most Discord servers, it needs to have rules. These rules and regulations are important to keeping our Discord servers healthy and drama-free. Please read and -agree to them first before chatting in any of our chatrooms. Failing to abide by these rules will result in either getting muted, kicked, or banned from the server.


SFC Live Discord chatroom rules:


1. Please do not use any form of vulgar language. We want to keep the chatroom as clean as possible (keep it PG-rated). If you do use vulgar language (even if it's slightly censored), your message that contains it will instantly get removed by either the bot or the moderators.


2. Please do not flood. This means don't repeatedly send the same message over and over again, or sending too many messages in a short amount of time. If you do flood the chat, the flooded messages will get removed by either the bot or the moderators.


3. Please do not spam. That means don't send links that contain spam, scams, or inappropriate/mature/explicit content. If you have any links that you want to share in any of our main chatrooms, you are allowed to do so, just make sure to keep it clean. If you do spam, your message that contains it will get removed by the moderators.


4. Please do not harass or cyberbully. We welcome new viewers to the show, regardless of their gender, age, race, etc. Please respect the other viewers, and don't give them a hard time. If you do harass or cyberbully, you will receive a warning from the moderators.


5. Please use an appropriate username before you join the server. If you use one or more inappropriate word(s) in your username, you will get immediately kicked off the server by the moderators.


6. Please do not use multiple accounts or usernames. This is to avoid confusion. Any multiple accounts owned by that one user or any users with the same or similar username to the other will get immediately kicked off the server by the moderators.


7. Please do not roleplay on this server. This is to avoid flooding the chatrooms. Any messages that have roleplaying involved will get removed by the moderators. If you want to roleplay, check out our bonus #roleplay text channel under "Bonus Chatrooms".


8. Please do not use biased statements. You can still share your own opinion, but don't make it seem like fact. Be respectful towards someone else's own opinion as well; do not try to discriminate against someone else's opinion. It's their own opinion; no one has the legal right to change it.


9. If you have any questions you would like to ask us, feel free to do so! Don't ask any questions that are too personal though (asking about a person's favorite color does not count).


10. Be courteous! That means be respectful; don't discriminate against someone else, and please don't kick up a fuss in the chatrooms. Also, try not to go into politics or any other sensitive subjects, as that might rile people up and cause a flame war, which we don't want. Finally, please make sure to keep this in mind: professionalism. Remember who you are representing. Everything you say or do will be seen by every viewer, and it is recorded. Make a good reputation for yourself, and for our viewers.


If you agree to these terms and conditions (and if you weren't previous banned), type in -agree in the #rules channel to continue.

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