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Chatroom Rules

(These rules also apply to our YouTube/Twitch/Mixer live chatrooms, but in different context.)

Like most community servers, it needs to have rules. These rules are important to keep our chatrooms clean and drama-free. Please read them carefully before chatting in any of our chatrooms. Failing to abide by these rules will result in either getting muted, kicked, or banned from our community server until further notice.

1. Please try not to swear in any of our chatrooms; keep them PG-rated.

2. Please don't flood any of our chatrooms.

3. Please don't spam any of our chatrooms with malicious, violent, or pornographic content.

4. Please don't harass and/or cyberbully our other viewers. All are welcome and treated equally with respect. Passive aggressive behavior towards our team contributors and viewers will NOT be tolerated.

5. Use an appropriate username before joining the server.

6. Please don't use multiple accounts or usernames. This is to avoid confusion.

7. Please don't roleplay in any of our chatrooms, as that counts as spam.

8. Please don't force memes, as that counts as spam also.

9. Please don't @ somebody unless it's necessary.

10. Please try to refrain from using all caps or duplicated text in a rude or confusing manner.

11. Be respectful towards someone else's own opinion.

12. Please don't force viewers to give out personal information, or ask any personal questions.

13. Please don't discuss about politics or religion.

14. Please refrain from constantly private messaging our moderators and team contributors.

15. This community server is English only.

16. Remember who you are representing. Everything you say or do in our community server will be seen or heard by those on this server, and it is logged by our moderators. Please make a good reputation for yourself, and for our viewers.

Voice Chatroom Rules

1. Read Chatroom Rules 1, 4, 11 thru 13, 15, and 16 above.

2. We recommend you use a good quality microphone (e.g. Blue, Rode, etc.) for the best experience.

3. If you have a lower quality mic, we HIGHLY recommend that you turn down the input volume to the modulated level (located under User Settings > Voice & Video).

4. Please don't overmodulate the mic. It will sound terrible! We will have to mute you if you choose to do so.

5. Please try not to interrupt other users in the voice call. We will have to mute you if you choose to do so.

6. Please try to keep the background noise down. We also recommend you use headphones to prevent computer audio echo. We will have to mute you if you choose not to.

7. Anything that is done in the voice chat, stays in the voice chat. Please refrain from using text chatrooms to respond to voice conversations in our community server.

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