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Getting Started

After clicking on the "Join the Community Discord" button above and logging into Discord as a guest or with an account, you will be taken to the #getting-started channel, which contains brief information on how to get started with our server.

The chatroom rules are located in the #read-rules-first channel, which contains brief, but important chatroom rules that must be concurred (agreed) with before chatting in our chatrooms. To send messages on our server, you'll need to unlock text/talk access by verifying yourself, by typing in -agree into the channel's chatbox.

What's on this server


Get Notified of Future Livestreams and Video Releases. 

Alongside our main social media pages, we're giving fans another way for our fans to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest from us.

Members of our Community Discord can opt-in a "Discord Notifications" role so they can get notified of our latest content, such as our new video releases and upcoming livestreams.


General Discussions and Link Sharing.

Like with most community servers, you can discuss about anything off-topic, tech, or gaming-related, under the General Discussions category. 

We also allow link sharing with our team contributors and viewers on this server (as long as it abides by our chatroom rules), and you can even experiment with the Dyno Bot we use for automatic moderation, in a separate bot spam chatroom.


Discuss Ideas for our Series.

We've had our viewers suggest ideas for future videos, but we'd like to take that a step further.

Our community server contains discussion chatrooms for each of our video series, under the Series Discussions category.


The place for our Patreon supporters.

Our Community Discord is not just for the general public, it's also for our Patreon supporters.

Our Patreon supporters will gain access to Patrons-only chatrooms, which includes a generic and Q&A chatroom.

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