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We would like to keep the majority of our content free for everyone, however we invest lots of money into what we do each year. Without these investments, we simply wouldn't exist!

Donations are not a requirement, but it does show your support to keeping us going with quality content. You can help support us now through our Patreon page, for only $1 or more per month, or you could donate directly through PayPal, but you won't get the exclusive donationware content. You can use either a credit card or PayPal account to donate.

Every little bit helps. When you donate:
- We'll put out our content faster.
- We'll put out better quality content.
- You will receive Patreon-exclusive content, such as our new and archived videos, as well as early access to new videos from us! (Only if you chose our Patreon reward tier.)
- It shows us your support!

Where does the money go?
- Computer/Camera Equipment
- Content Licensing
- Server Hosting

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