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Man, it's been 5 years since The SFC Group was founded! We are very excited to celebrate this momentous occasion, look back at our past, and look towards our future!

Back when we first started, we were just a simple website with a very small following. Today, we have over 1,500 followers, and over 300 videos in our ever-growing library. Despite some ups and downs in our later years, we're still kicking with new content that we hope you guys will enjoy in the future!

But we're here to talk about our 5 year history, so without further ado, let's begin!


Our history actually goes back to 2007. In that year, the iPhone was introduced, cinemas were still projecting physical film, and the infamous Windows Vista operating system was just released. But this was also the year that the URL,, was registered. At the time, Sage was just a very young lad.


When the URL was first registered, it was given a homepage, with teaser text that read: "This will be the future home of"

And that was about it. No one knew what SageFun stood for, and neither did we until years later.

Our Founding

Fast forward to October of 2013, where we founded the website The website was designed with Apple's iWeb software at the time, and it shows.


When our website first launched, there were several pages as shown on the navigation bar of the original SFC Site:

- Software Showcase is where we showcased operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows. Today, it is now known as The Software Room, and has since become one of our key video series on our YouTube channel.

- The Hardware Room is where we showcased hardware, such as computers. Today, it is now known as The Tech Table, previously The Computer Cellar and The Electronics Guide prior to August of 2018, and has also since become one of our key video series on our YouTube channel.

- Video & Text Area is where all the fun stuff is, such as the downloads and video content (which we'll get into later). Today, it is now split into three pages: Series, Downloads, and More. Previously, they were put altogether as the Fun Stuff page prior to 2015.

- Blogcast was where our website blog was. When the SFC Site first launched, we used iWeb's built-in blog features. Today, it is now powered by Google's Blogger service.

- Questions Area was a dedicated Q&A page about our website and other content. That page no longer exists today, since our followers are more used to asking us questions through the YouTube comments, as well as our Community Discord.

- Contact SFC was where you could contact us via email. We still have it to this today, though it is rarely used.

Overall, our website was very simple. It was nothing special, but it's still important to our history nonetheless.

Video Content

In January of 2014, we began producing video content. Previously, we had produced videos related to our website, but those don't really count in our books.

Our first official video we ever released was through our website, titled Sledding in Massachusetts, released on January 2nd, 2014. Here is a screenshot of it:


Basically, the video was just a compilation of people sledding on a snowy hill, having fun. It's nothing special, but it's important to us, as it began our content-creation run. The video was produced in 360p, far below are current standards of today, but hey, it was a start.

Later on, we began producing more videos for our website, including a review of a board game, unboxing a Lego set, and even a review of a portable game console. All of these are planned to be remade for future videos of ours in our GamePlay, Tech Table, and GameGuide series respectively.

As we produced more video content, and the quality of our videos got better however, the storage space for the web server that our site is hosted on, gets smaller and smaller until there is no more space left. This was a major problem for us, and we would have to remove our older content in order to fit our newer content into the web servers. This is the main reason why our older content hasn't seen the light of day in years.

Here are more screenshots from various old videos of ours made in 2014:


A Day at the Thrift Store
(February 6th, 2014)


Minecraft Podcast Episode 1
(March 11th, 2014)

*First appearance of our first SFC Group affiliate, Cici Dreamer.*


SFC's Gaming Arcade - Sonic R
(October 23rd, 2014)

*First official face reveal of Sage*

The Jump to YouTube

As we stated earlier, the main problem with uploading videos to a web server, is with the limited amount of storage space. To get around this, we decided to make the jump to YouTube, where we would upload new content there. Our YouTube channel first opened on February 13th, 2015, and we published our first ever YouTube video a couple of weeks later, which was a video tutorial on how to set up a Raspberry Pi.


A follow-up was made soon after, and then we eventually got into gaming videos again, with our first three Minecraft let's play videos. These were the start of what would become the main focus for our network.


Installing Linux Without NOOBS
(March 2015)


SFC Plays Minecraft - Extreme Parkour
(March 2015)


SFC Plays Minecraft - Super Mario Bros. World 1
(March 2015)


SFC Plays Minecraft - Tetrix1993's 3rd Course Co-op
(April 2015)

At around the same time we launched our YouTube channel, we switched over from iWeb to Adobe Muse for the software we use to create our website.


Continued Expansion

Starting in May of 2015, adopted a new slogan: Where Trains and Technology come together. Sage was a train and tech enthusiast at the time, so he felt it would suit the channel better. Earlier, we began uploading Train Sim let's play videos, and later a couple of railfanning videos on this channel, while focusing on other tech or gaming-related topics.


Later that year, we began to produce our first animated series, based off of our favorite YouTube series Computer Showdown, titled Technology Showdown. At first, it didn't get off the ground, but that would later change with the release of our fourth episode: Icon Wars.

Icon Wars (also known as Apple vs. Windows Part 4) would become our most popular video to date with over 120,000 views as of September 2018, and the series in general is the main reason why we're gaining such a following in the YouTube community. Technology Showdown would later birth a spin-off series, titled Technology Showdown Misadventures, but it would never match the success of Icon Wars.


Just a few months after Technology Showdown's debut, the Trains and Technology slogan was dropped in favor of a new one that matches better with the content we produce: Tech and gaming is our tradition, introduced in January of 2016. It was also around the same time we introduced a new, simplistic logo.


Afterwards, we continued to produce new content, with the quality slowly increasing overtime. In May of 2016, our Facebook page was created in an effort to expand our image.

In September of 2016, was renamed to The SFC Group, to further put ourselves in a more professional direction. Slowly, but surely, our follower amount began to increase, mostly due to the success of our Technology Showdown series.

We also began to update our website more frequently, with the design of the site getting more different than the previous one.


From there, our expansion continues. In October of 2016, we began live broadcasting on YouTube with the premiere of SFC Live, which ended in June of 2018. Two months later, in December, our Twitter page was created. The following year, in December of 2017, our Twitch page was created, and we began broadcasing gaming livestreams there, under the name SFC on Twitch, later renamed to SFC Live Gaming, and then GamePlay Live (after SFC Live ended), before it was cancelled in August of 2018. A few months later, in March of 2018, our Patreon page was created.

Then in May of 2018, following Adobe's announcement that they would end development of Muse, we dropped it in favor of Mobirise, designed to create mobile-friendly websites easily. We dubbed our new website, The SFC Site X. It was also around the same time we introduced our current logo, with slight differences to the "S" and the "F" (both in Raleway font).


Looking Towards the Future

Now we return to where we are today, so what's next for us? Well, it's hard to explain, but we have lots of great content coming for not only this year, but also next year. We are working on brand new projects we hope you will all enjoy, and we hope to expand our presence even further, not just on YouTube, but on all of our existing social media platforms as well. For later this and next year, our main focus is to take further steps in increasing our video quality and getting the content out faster, by upgrading our equipment and increase our work talent behind the scenes.

Since our first video was published almost 5 years ago, our video quality has increased,  and our website now looks vastly different compared to 5 years ago as well. We really have come a long way, and it all started as a simple little hobby.


Want to see our old archived content? Patreon is the place!

Throughout the month of October, we will be uploading our old videos through our Patreon as well as on our Patrons-only Discord chatrooms on our Community Discord.

Not only will you support us in producing better quality content for the public, but you'll also gain access to videos that haven't seen the light of day in years!

Don't hesitate, donate!

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