GamePlay is a let’s play comedy series where we mostly…well, play games. Here we play a plethora of video games on PC, mobile, and console platforms, whether it’d be a platform, adventure, sports, shooter, or party game, sometimes with guests and co-hosts playing along. We’ll also play board games occasionally.

Looking for our cartoon webcomic spin-off? We’ve got it here:

GamePlay Live is the live edition of our GamePlay video series, which focuses on audience interaction for more entertaining moments, as well as expanding the topic of a game. GamePlay Live usually airs first on Mixer, before the recordings are made public less than a week later. We also have a Discord server where our viewers can interact with us as well as other viewers.

Latest Episode

Do the Twist (Survive the Internet)

Roasting people on the internet is a great idea…for a party game of course! Here we’ll be playing Survive the Internet, part of the Jackbox Party Pack 4. (Ft. EDJRMorpheus and SuperStar64)

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