About the Series

GamePlay is our let’s play series. Here we play a plethora of video games on PC, mobile, or console platforms, whether it’d be a platform, adventure, sports, shooter, or party game, sometimes with guests and co-hosts playing along. We also play board games on rare occasions.

Each episode is usually pre-recorded, starting with a brief history of a particular game, and a brief explanation of how the game works, before getting into the main attraction: playing the game.

(For more information on GamePlay Live, see below.)

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Jackbox Games


Marble Blast


GamePlay Live

GamePlay Live is the live version of our GamePlay video series, where we focus on audience interaction for more entertaining moments, as well as expanding the topic of a game. GamePlay Live currently airs bi-weekly, and streams exclusively through our Mixer page. Archived streams will be posted to our YouTube channel starting in 2020.​

We also livestream on YouTube, where we do occasional Q&A streams and such.