Who We Are

The SFC Group (also known as or just simply SFC) is a content-creation organization where we focus on a variety of video content, such as tech, gaming, films, animated cartoons, reviews, and more. Our goal is to entertain and/or educate people via our video content on YouTube and Twitch, our websites, our social media pages, and other platforms. We try to keep our content clean and appropriate for a general audience, while putting in some comedy and/or humor into them.


How We Began

The SFC Group was founded by Sage (TheRealSFC) in October of 2013 as At the time, it was just a simple website made with Apple's iWeb software. We started producing video content in early 2014, before going to YouTube a year later, where we still continue to produce video content to this day.


Since its founding, we've expanded into other social media platforms, updated our website often, had new members come and go, introduced a new variety of video content, started major video projects, and much, much more. And we are still continuing to make people, along with our fans, happy.


We've Been Places

 Companies and other content creators have featured our material in their own work, but we've also partnered and/or collaborated with others!

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