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Coming 2019.

What is Adventures from the Jackbox?

Adventures from the Jackbox is our first ever fan-made web comic series, based off of the Jackbox party games. It is being made by the same guys behind the hit Technology Showdown series on YouTube, and the upcoming original web comic series, The Sage & EDjr Show.

Let's face it: We LOVE the Jackbox games. They're great party games. They're entertaining, memorable, and have a ton of replay value. Even the least great ones have some enjoyability to it. So it's no surprise that we are indeed fans of them.

And with the recent release of Jackbox Party Pack 5, we've decided to look back at the other games, particularly the characters. More specifically, Split the Room, Monster Seeking Monster, Quiplash 2, and most importantly, Fakin' It, the party game that people underappreciate.

While the gameplay was fine and all (aside from it being a local multiplayer game, and not designed for streamers like us), what highly interested us were the characters and the premise. We found potential for them in terms of personality and story, and so we decided to go for it ourselves, and create new stories and a world for them. Thus, Adventures from the Jackbox was born.

So, with the development backstory out of the way, what's the web comic series all about?

The series follows a late high schooler named Ashley (the "Text You Up" girl from Fakin' It), her living pencil partner Coach Pencil (the Pencil character from Fakin' It), and her pet cat Oliver (the Split the Room cat), who live in the city of Jackopolis, the place inside the Jackbox, where all the characters you know and love reside, and where shenanigans may ensue.

She eventually meets up with several familiar faces: An irresponsible, yet friendly Owen (the "Hands of Truth" guy from Fakin' It), a sensitive, yet polite Martha (the "You Gotta Point" girl from Fakin' It), a cursed sound effect-speaking Sam (the unused "Noises Off" aka Orange guy from Fakin' It), a pretty businesswoman Samantha (the "Number Pressure" girl from Fakin' It), and a emotional, yet cowardly businessman Alan (the "Face Value" guy from Fakin' It), all of whom are on the lookout for Jackopolis' most wanted criminal: The Faker. Join the gang as they face their most daring and wackiest adventures yet in a world inside the Jackbox!

This is our first fan-made web comic series based off of the Jackbox party games, and will be designed for general audiences in mind, with some form of humor for older audiences, like we usually do with our main content!

As of right now, the web comic series is in pre-production; we will update you more on this when there is progress made.

About the Characters



Your average late high schooler, who studies day and night to get things done. She's an intelligent young woman with many traits, and loves to explore new things in Jackopolis, yet she can be a bit clusmy at times. She's also always about being on time, and not being late.

Based on: "Text You Up" character from Fakin' It


Coach Pencil

Nobody really knows about this guy; he's usually the one you see after you write the answers down in the final round of Fakin' It. He serves as Ashley's conscience, giving her advice, while being somewhat of a loudmouth. No one knows what makes this particular pencil talk, some say he was cursed, others say he came from another universe...

Based on: "All Answers Are In" pencil character from Fakin' It



Your run-of-the-mill crazy kind of guy. He is the husband of Martha (see below), who can be a bit of a mess-up on his wife, but not too much to the point where she gets entirely annoyed. Owen is also known to be a mostly honest person. Oh, and didn't I forget to mention that he likes pizza?

Based on: "Hands of Truth" character from Fakin' It



Polite, yet quite sensitive. That describes Martha well. She is wife of Owen, who can sometimes get on her case for being crazy. Also, for some reason, she's really into fashion. Let me tell ya, she won't give up that trying that perfect look for her.

Based on: "You Gotta Point" character from Fakin' It



He's orange, he's a guy, he's Sam! But he has a bit of a problem: He can't speak words, but only sound effects. Rumors say he was cursed at the local Monster House when it happened. Nevertheless, he's a kind gentleman and is currently dating with Samantha (see below).

Based on: Unused "Noises Off" character from Fakin' It



If you need help with tough numbers, ask this person, she knows them well. Samantha is a pretty businesswoman who is currently dating with Sam, and is also a certified mathematician and scientist. Despite Sam's inability to speak words, Samantha can understand his SFX patterns.

Based on: "Number Pressure" character from Fakin' It



What's that? A Jurassic Park III reference? Well, who would've guessed? Alan is a  businessman with many emotions, but seems to get quite frightened most of the time whenever something scary or bad happens to him, his friends, or his hometown.

Based on: "Face Value" character from Fakin' It


The Faker

Jackopolis' most wanted criminal. That's him alright. The Faker is not only a master at faking it, but also a master of disguise. Most if not everyone are always fooled by this person, since there are actually more fakers out there that look just like him. But this particular one rules them all.

Based on: "The Faker" character from Fakin' It



You know that character from the Monster House in Monster Seeking Monster? Now she lives a married life. Mary is Ashley's mother, who cooks pretty good meals, and always has a love for her daughter no matter what situation she's in. Now, to find out who Ashley's father is...

Based on: "Mother" character from Monster Seeking Monster



Meow. Do not be startled. While he may took imtimidating, boy is he a genius. Oliver is Ashley's pet cat, but he's also an anthromorphic dimension-jumping smart cat looking to solve hypothetical situations or any life problems that not even an expert could solve!

Based on: "Omnipresent cat" character from Split the Room

What's Next?

Like we said before, the Adventures from the Jackbox web comic series is currently in pre-production; it won't be ready for release until somewhere in 2019.

We do have some interesting story ideas for the series, and we also have plans in doing a comic dub of it on YouTube after the release of the first issue, if we can get the right voice actors for it of course.

As Jackbox fans, we're really delighted to share what we've been working on for the past few months! Stick around on this page for more updates, and don't forget we have a Patreon if you want to get a first glimpse of the series before the public sees it!

For now though, stay tooned...

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