SFC Electronic Music

Our electronic music composed by Sage (TheRealSFC).


Time Travel (2017 Remix)


Transitions (2016 Remix)


SFC's Electronic Sparta Remix

Technology Showdown OST

The original soundtrack for our animated show, Technology Showdown.


"Bursts" and "Justice is Served" were both composed by Lemon. Both tracks are available on SoundCloud only.


1. Beginnings


2. Welcome to the Tech District


3. Industrial Jam


4. Bursts


5. Antagonist HQ


6. Computer Showdown


7. Justice is Served


8. Tux's Ringtone

Our music is licensed under Creative Commons for non-commercial use. If you are willing to use our music in your work, please make sure you give us credit. For additional questions, please contact us.

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