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The SFC Site X: The Holidays Update (Version 10.4)

Released on November 23rd, 2018

Happy Holidays everyone! The year is almost over, and we're hoping to go all out for 2019! But first, we're issuing out a new website update to prepare ourselves for the new year.

The biggest feature in this site update is the return of the Technology Showdown page (highly requested by our fans since The SFC Site X's launch), plus two NEW upcoming web comics added to the Animated Content section of the Series page. We've also retooled the homepage, as well as the donate and contact pages, and we've  redesigned the More section so it looks more pretty.

The SFC Site Version 10.4 Changelog:


    - Added Mixer to the top of the homepage

    - New Featured Video section added to the Homepage


    - Added the web comics to the Animated Content section (The Sage & EDjr Show and Adventures from the Jackbox)

    - Added three new pages to the Series section (Technology Showdown, Adventures from the Jackbox, and The Sage & EDjr Show)


    - Moved Comics section to Animated Content section of the Series page

    - Updated "Blue Space" wallpaper


    - Redesigned Donate page with more of an emphasis on our Patreon


    - Redesigned More page with thumbnails

    - Added 3 new videos to The SFC Group Archives (Patreon Exclusive): 

            - SFC Plays TS2015: Honey, My Game Crashed

            - SFC Plays Minecraft: Tetrix1993's 3rd Course Challenge 4

            - The SFC Site 2015 Easter Egg Hunt

    - Updated Apple Product Generator

Site Info

    - Added Legacy Site Info page

About Us

    - Updated About Us page with a new "What We Do" section and additional history

    - Updated Team Contributors page


    - Updated Contact page

You are looking at the changelog for the latest version. If you're looking for legacy site info, press the button below.

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