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The SFC Site: March Madness Update II

Released on March 11th, 2019

In this second SFC Site March Madness website update, we've made minor changes here and there to some of our main pages, plus 5 new archived content added to The SFC Group Archives, once again exclusive to our Patreon supporters!

The SFC Site Version 10.6.2 Changelog

- Updated Homepage and Social Bar

- Updated Adventures from the Jackbox page (will be removed in next major site update)

- Added 5 new archived content to The SFC Group Archives (in the Series page)

    - SFC Plays Minecraft: Tetrix1993's 3rd Course Challenge 7

    - SFC Plays Minecraft: Tetrix1993's 3rd Course Challenge 8

    - SFC Plays TS2015: The Empire Builder Strikes Back

    - SFC Plays TS2015: AmTrax

    - SFC Plays TS2015: Southern AmTrax

- Updated About Us page

- Other improvements and bug fixes

NOTICE: This section will be removed in the next major site update.

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