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The Software Room is our tech docuseries focused primarily on software. Here we showcase a variety of software, such as operating systems, applications, video games, and internet services, sometimes in greater detail. We also recap software and service announcements, such as those from E3.

Each Software Room episode usually focuses on the backstory and showcasing of a software product, with some portions provided in great detail. These portions include installation, some hidden tricks, as well as the well-known and lesser-known features of a software product.

(For our companion series focused on hardware, see The Tech Table.)

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The Software Room Database preserves information of over 6000 software products, ranging from Windows to macOS to Linux. We also include applications, such as the iLife and iWork suites, as well as video games, such as Robot Arena and the Jackbox Party Packs. The database can also be used for random generation, using a random number generator.

You are free to help contribute to the database and provide any additional information regarding said software products, simply by commenting (be sure to keep them clean and constructive as usual).