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The Tech Table is our tech docuseries focused primarily on hardware. Here we experiment with various hardware products, and educate our viewers with interesting and little-known facts about them that you probably have or have never heard of. We also recap product announcements, such as those from Apple.

The main hardware products we usually cover are personal computers, both old and new. However, we also cover video game consoles and accessories, mobile devices such as PDAs, cellphones, and media players, and even electronic toys such as Snap Circuits and LEGO Mindstorms. We’ve even delved into non-tech territory, such as retail stores.

(For our companion series focused on software, see The Software Room.)

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The Tech Table Hardware Database preserves information of over 1500 hardware products, ranging from retro computers to game consoles. We also include accessories, such as printers, drives, keyboards, and mice, and electronic toys, such as Snap Circuits. The database can also be used for random generation, using a random number generator.

You are free to help contribute to the database and provide any additional information regarding said hardware products, simply by commenting (be sure to keep them clean and constructive as usual).