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Game 3 Leaderboard:
Here are the leaderboard results for Game 3 (as of May 4th, 2018):

Qualified to win Game 3:
1st - artur15141: 18
2nd - AstroPoug: 15
3rd - EDJRMorpheus95: 14

Disqualified to win Game 3:
4th - superstar64: 11
5th - 1033Forest: 9
6th - Lemon: 5
7th - EGStein, DJ Lisi: 3
8th - TonyTainMent: 2
9th - squibs, TheROFL98, CJSpot, Lunala: 1

*SFC Live Trivia Game 3 (the last game with multiple rounds and a giveaway prize to the winner at the end) will end on May 26th, 2018. 1st Place winner receives a $20 Steam Gift Code.*

About the Game:
SFC Live Trivia is our live trivia game that we host during our talk show SFC Live. The game is heavily based on CC Trivia, a live trivia show formerly hosted by the Computer Clan. SFC Live Trivia is similar to it in several ways, including how the points are counted, however there are a couple of differences:

- SFC Live Trivia is powered by a web browser and made with Adobe Muse.

- There are 4 types of questions: Type in the Answer, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, and True or False. Each type will be randomized for each question. You can learn more about them under "How to Play".

If you are new to the game, see "How to Play" for instructions.

How to Play

How to Enter:
To play the game, you MUST be logged into the Discord chatroom with a valid username. Players cannot use multiple usernames to compete.

If you would like to enter, navigate to the #sfc-live-trivia channel, then type in the phrase "I'm in" there, when the host tells you to do so.

Up to 16 players can participate in one round.

Seven questions are delivered each game. For each question, there will be one of 4 types of questions:

- Type in the Answer: Pretty basic. Just type in the answer to the question.

- Multiple Choice: A question with 3 choices. You can either type in the choice letter or the full answer.

- Fill in the Blank: Not really a question, but filling in what's missing.

- True or False: Gives you what is supposed to be a fact...or is it? Figure out if the "fact" is true or not.

During the 1-minute question duration, the first 3 players must get the question right in order to earn points and in order for the next question to be queued. The timer will continue until it runs out if the first 3 players do not get the question right. The first player who answers the question right gets 3 points, the second player who answers the question right gets 2 points, and the third player who answers the question right gets 1 point. The final question has double-point values, which means the points are doubled for that question.

The right answer to the question must be spelled correctly in order for it to count (however that rule may vary), and we don't recommend using a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, etc.) to find the answer to the question. If the player gets the question wrong on the first try, that player has a second chance to answer (known as a "safety net"), but if the player doesn't get it right on the "safety net", that player is out and unable to earn points for that question. Players can edit their answer if they want to, but it will count as their "safety net", and we don't recommend doing so in order to avoid confusion.

People who aren't participating are free to spectate, but they CANNOT declare who has the right answer (that may give it away), and also CANNOT moderate the game (leave that to the host). If there is a mistake made during an SFC Live Trivia round, please let the host know. Once that round for SFC Live Trivia ends, the points will be counted up and then the trivia channel will be closed until the next round.

After the round is over, we will tally up the scores. The final round score will go on our SFC Live Trivia leaderboard (see above), which will be reset every time a game ends. Here's the number of points that the top 5 players will be able to earn at the end of the round:

1st place - 5 points
2nd place - 4 points
3rd place - 3 points
4th place - 2 points
5th place - 1 point

The current leaderboard results will be posted at the top of this very page. SFC Live Trivia is played only on SFC Live, before the TopicTalk segment. Players can come back and earn additional points to be added on the leaderboard if they are qualified.

So that's all the rules. Please make sure you understand them before you start playing SFC Live Trivia. If you don't abide by these rules, you will not be able to play until further notice.

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