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Sage's Trivia Madness is our first interactive trivia game, based upon our former live trivia game, SFC Live Trivia, formerly hosted during our YouTube live shows. The game is being developed by TCG (TheCodingGuy), in association with The SFC Group and MorphiMation.

The game was heavily based on CC Trivia, also a live trivia show formerly hosted by the Computer Clan, including how the points are counted, with some major differences, such as the different types of questions. SFC Live Trivia debuted in March of 2017, and ended when SFC Live went off the air in June of 2018.

However, due to its popularity, we aren't abandoning the concept. After SFC Live went off the air, we announced that SFC Live Trivia will become a video game, giving it a "You Don't Know Jack" kind of flare, but with an on-screen animated host as well as being family-friendly, and playable at any time, whether it would be by yourself, or with friends. The interactive SFC Live Trivia game is called "Sage's Trivia Madness".

It is currently in early pre-production, and we will provide more info about the game once it becomes available.

How the Game Will Work

How to Enter:
In SFC Live Trivia, you previously had to enter via our Discord chatroom during our live shows. In Sage's Trivia Madness, you just have to specify the number of players you'll be playing with, enter the players names, specifiy the number of questions delivered, and you're done.

Up to 8 players can participiate, and up to 21 questions (with 7 and 14 options) are delivered for each new game. For each question, there will be one of four types of questions:

- Type in the Answer: Just type in the answer to the question.

- Multiple Choice: A question with 4 answer choices.

- Fill in the Blank: Not really a question, but filling in what's missing.

- True or False: Gives you what is supposed to be a fact...or is it?

During the 1-minute question duration, a player must get the question right in order to earn points and for the next question to be queued. The timer will continue until it runs out if the players do not get the question right. The first player to get the question right gets 10 points, and a player who gets the question wrong will lose 5 points. The final question has double-point values, which means all the points are doubled for that question.

The right answer to the question must be spelled correctly in order for it to count (however that rule may vary), and we don't recommend using a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, etc.) to find the answer to the question.

Unlike the live version, Sage's Trivia Madness will have NO second chances to answer the question correctly; you only get one chance.

People who aren't participating or are participating but aren't the ones answering the question are free to spectate, but they CANNOT declare who has the right answer, as that may give it away.

At the end of each game, the player with the most points wins. A rematch can be started with the same settings or you can start a new game with different settings to your taste.

So that's how Sage's Trivia Madness will work. Until development further progresses, that's all we have for now, but we can't wait to discuss more about it as much as we do making it!

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