About Technology Showdown

"The series' timing, design, and sound effects were of a higher caliber, and presented beautifully in HD. Yet, it still held the ol’ quirkiness of the old Computer Showdown episodes."

- Ken (Hildron101010), the original creator of Computer Showdown

"This is the best remake ever for an existing season of Computer Showdown that already looks like garbage!"

- Nick (eNetro314)

"The best Computer Showdown remake ever!"

-  Topitoomay

Technology Showdown is an action/adventure animated show, produced by SFC Animation. The show was originally meant to be a remaster of the original Computer Showdown episodes from 2007 to 2008, but has since become a favorite of many as part of SFC's library of entertaining content.


The first episode, Apple vs. Windows Part 1, debuted on July 29th, 2015. The second episode, Apple vs. Windows Part 2, debuted on August 10th, 2015, and introduced voice acting into the series (but only for a couple of characters), including new and changed dialogue from the original source material. The third episode, Apple vs. Windows Part 3, debuted on August 26th, 2015, and introduced voice acting throughout the entire episode.


During the show's run, a lot of effort was starting to be put into the series. The fourth episode, Icon Wars (also known as Apple vs. Windows Part 4), debuted on December 17th, 2015, and introduced live-action scenes, new characters, and much more. It is currently our most viewed episode of Technology Showdown and our most viewed video to date on our YouTube channel, with over 40,000 views and counting.


The fifth episode, Apple vs. Windows The Finale, debuted on June 18th, 2016, and introduced new designs for the characters, including facial expressions, as well as new characters being introduced. The first five episodes of Technology Showdown is known as Season Zero.


The Season 1 Premiere, Technology Showdown: The Prologue, is scheuled to be released in 2018, and we are planning to push it to its limits, with animated 3D scenes, original 2D and 3D backgrounds, new voice acting, new characters, enhanced special effects, improved animation, the works.


As always, we hope to bring you guys something new for each episode!

About Misadventures of Apple & Tux

"The Misadventures of Apple and Tux was funny as heck!"

- TheCodingGuy

"It is so funny, keep up the good work."

- Sabrina Aganon

The Misadventures of Apple and Tux is a series of animated comedy shorts, produced by SFC Animation as a spin-off to the Technology Showdown animated show (see About Technology Showdown for more on that).


Development of the series began in October of 2016 as an exclusive to the Codename Early Access forum (which was shut down before the years' end due to a DoS attack), but production didn't officially commence until July 2017. The first episode "Introducing Apple" was released on Vidme on September 16th, 2017, with it being released onto YouTube the next day. We plan on 3 episodes for this year, all of them focusing on our main characters from the Technology Showdown series.

Meet the Syms


Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: Your ordinary sym in the Tech District and our main protagonist. His main opponent is obviously Team Winbuntu, whose goal is to take over the Tech Universe. But of course, he'll never give up, and will do anything to destroy them and save the day.


Likes: Tux, Xerox, Finder, Mojave, Pizza, anything Apple related


Dislikes: Team Winbuntu, being lonely, ugly graphical desktops, kernel panics


Fun Fact: How did Apple get the bite? The world may never know...


Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: Apple's best friend and sidekick. He's always there when Apple is in danger, especially while battling against the bad guys.


Likes: Anything Linux/Unix-related (except his former friend Ubuntu), Pizza, Apple, Xerox, Finder, being cool


Dislikes: Team Winbuntu, Mushrooms (especially the poisonious ones), Heights


Fun Fact: Despite being born a penguin, he doesn't live in the Arctic nor the Tropics.


Voiced by: Corey (CJSpot)


Description: The original founder of the Tech District, the oldest sym to live in the Tech Universe, and a master scientist. He's been long-time friends with Apple since the Tech District's founding, however he also gained other friends too, such as Tux.


Likes: Apple, Tux, science, mathematics, grilled food, anything Unix-related


Dislikes: Team Winbuntu, being lonely all the time, screwing things up


Fun Fact: How did Xerox get his one side of the "X" pixelated? We may never know...


Voiced by: TBA


Description: The almighty Finder himself. He is Apple's loyal friend and seconary sidekick, and he's especially a good sherlock. Want something from him? Ask the Finder, he'll answer your questions and give you what you want, as long as you're polite.


Likes: Apple, Tux, Xerox, cider, good questions, reading


Dislikes: Team Winbuntu, stupid questions, being bored all the time, negative comments


Fun Fact: The two-faces he has doesn't have anything in common with the Batman villain, Two-Face.


Voiced by: Lunala


Description: Formerly Windows' girlfriend, she is on Apple's team, trying to defend her home city, the Tech District, from being taken over by Team Winbuntu. She is lusciously powered by Windows 7.


Likes: Apple, Tux, Xerox, Finder, Windows (his good side), friendly neighbors, swimming, reading


Dislikes: Windows (his bad side), noisy neighbors, complex stories


Fun Fact: It's understandable why she's pink, because of her gender.

Windows (His Good Side)

Voiced by: TBA


Description: On his good side, Windows is a rather intelligent sym and one of Apple's best friends. Unfortunately, something happened to him that caused him to turn to the bad side...


Likes: Apple, Tux, Xerox, Finder, Mojave, anything Microsoft-related, playing video games, watching TV, donuts, anything PC-related


Dislikes: Bad guys, horror stories


Fun Fact: Windows has many cousins, but that's a story for another day...

Windows (His Bad Side)

Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: On his bad side, Windows is an evil mastermind, whose goal is to destroy Apple's team and take over the Tech Universe. He is Team Winbuntu's main leader, and always wears an Aqua ball shield to (mostly) protect him from attacks.


Likes: Plotting evil plans, anything Microsoft-related, watching TV, donuts, anything PC-related


Dislikes: Apple's team, Zonbu, losing battles, anything Apple-related, polka


Fun Fact: Team Winbuntu was originally called the "Ubundow", but was changed for obvious reasons.


Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: Ubuntu is your ordinary "wacky" sym. He was originally a part of Apple's team, but then later joined Team Winbuntu, after he thought that his friends had abandoned him. He can be a jerk sometimes, but he can also be comedic at other times.


Likes: Anything Linux/Unix related, playing video games, watching TV, Tacos, being cool, being funny


Dislikes: Apple's team, Zonbu, losing battles, anything Apple-related, Mr. Clippy


Fun Fact: Ubuntu's shape is pretty cool-looking, don't you think?

Virus Maker

Voiced by: MacInTalk Ralph


Description: Virus Maker is a master...well, Virus Maker. He is a part of Team Winbuntu, who was originally a program in a Windows XP desktop, until he later escaped. With the power of his Virus-making powers (along with Windows Vista and 8), he'll stop at nothing to destroy Apple's team.


Likes: Plotting evil plans, viruses


Dislikes: Apple's team, garlic, syms who make fun of him, being trapped in a desktop


Fun Fact: He has never made a single virus in his life so far...SHOCKING!


Voiced by: TonyTainMent


Description: Zonbu is an internet-obsessed sym, who works for Team Winbuntu...sort of. He can be a jerk to his master and his minions most of the time, and would rather want to rule the Tech Universe on his own. Oh, and did I mention he's a jerk to Apple's team as well?


Likes: Internet memes, cyberbullying, Team Winbuntu (at some times), grilled steak, anything PC-related, Denuvo DRM


Dislikes: Team Winbuntu (at some times), being bossed around, Ubuntu's Unity attack, anything Apple-related, Apple's team


Fun Fact: That green power button is more of a decoration, however it has some "power" to it... (pun intended)

Mr. Clippy

Voiced by: None


Description: Our "favorite" office assistant. He is infamous for having no speaking ability, but instead having annoying yellow speech bubbles, and helping a little too bit much...


Likes: Anything Office-related, reading, writing essays


Dislikes: Bad guys, anything Linux-related


Fun Fact: Mr. Clippy, the freaking office assistant, actually has a family...and that's all we'll tell you.


Voiced by: Lunala


Description: Now here's an interesting one, the one and only Kmart. She works as the main waitress of the Firewall Grille, located on the northeast side of the Tech District. She also has a father, whose name is BIG Kmart (no surprise).


Likes: Mojave, Sears, Slumber parties, going to the movies, working for a job, Pizza, computers


Dislikes: Bad guys, noisy neighbors, going on a date


Fun Fact: Her superheroine form is Super Kmart. Get it?

Union T. Pacific (Union)

Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: TBA


Likes: TBA


Dislikes: Bad guys, and others TBA


Fun Fact: TBA

Burlington T. Northern (BN)

Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: TBA


Likes: TBA


Dislikes: Bad guys, and others TBA


Fun Fact: TBA

Canadian T. National (CN)

Voiced by: Sage (TheRealSFC)


Description: TBA


Likes: TBA


Dislikes: Bad guys, and others TBA


Fun Fact: TBA

List of Technology Showdown Episodes

Season One

Episode 1: The Prologue

We know that Apple and his team are up against Team Winbuntu, which consists of Windows, Ubuntu, and others, but one begs the question: How did Windows become evil, and how was he brought into this world? This is the story of how it all happened.


Status: In Pre-Production (on hiatus)


Expected Release Date: Fall 2018

Season Zero

Apple vs. Windows The Finale

This is it! Apple and Tux are up against the Winbuntu for one last time. Only this time, the Winbuntu now has minions on his side: Virus Maker and [REDACTED]. Will Apple's team win? Will the Winbuntu take over the Tech Universe? What will happen to Apple? Find out in the final part of Apple vs. Windows!


Released on: June 18th, 2016

Icon Wars

Apple takes a vacation from battling against the Winbuntu. He goes into a computer, running Windows XP, to relax and hang out with the XP icons. Unfortunately, Windows comes in and ruins the fun, and now an icon war is waging!


Released on: December 17th, 2015

Apple vs. Windows Part 3

The Winbuntu gets revenge against Apple and his new sidekick, Tux. Also, Solaris joins in the battle. Who will win?


Released on: August 26th, 2015

Apple vs. Windows Part 2

Apple goes up against a new threat: the Winbuntu. Who will win this time?


Released on: August 10th, 2015

Apple vs. Windows Part 1

Apple, Windows, and Ubuntu go against each other in a computer battle; who will win?


Released on: July 28th, 2015

List of Misadventures of Apple & Tux Episodes

"Introducing Windows"

Episode Summary TBA



Status: In Early Pre-Production

Expected Release Date: Spring 2018

"Introducing Tux"

This is Tux, Tux D. Penguin, and more than just your average penguin. What does he do? Where did he come from? And who stole the proper script? Find out in this short!

Status: In Production

Expected Release Date: December 2017

"Introducing Apple"

This is Apple. Who is he? Who's operating the camera in front of him? How did the lights go out? Find out in this short!



Released On: September 16th, 2017

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