Yes, we're BACK! (again)

The SFC Group relaunches its new website, along with a revamped video series lineup.

May 20th, 2019

Today, The SFC Group is announcing some major changes to both its website and its video series lineup, in an effort to improve the quality of our existing content and to give our dedicated fans more to offer. Before we get to the video series however, let's briefly talk about the website.

Our website is now back up after almost 3 weeks of it being down, and we've made some massive changes to it. Here are just some of them:

- The SFC Group website no longer referred to as "The SFC Site"

- Website no longer uses version numbers

- Restarted the website from scratch with Mobirise

- Introduced new SFC Group logo (uses all Raleway now for the typeface)

- Revamped Navigation Bar with new Series, Downloads, and More submenus

- Integrated Series and Downloads pages into the Navigation Bar

- Revamped Footer (removed Social Bar)

- Redesigned Homepage, removing Latest Video and Today's Featured Video sections

- Added pages for The Tech Table, GamePlay, and The Software Room, with brief descriptions, and new Latest Episode and List of Episodes sections

- Redesigned The SFC Group Archives page to match the layout of the new Series pages

- Revamped Wallpapers, Games, and Music pages with instant download links

- Redesigned About Us page

- Added "What's New" page (replaces Site Info)

- Updated Email Contact page

- Removed "Support Us on Patreon" page and button

- Removed Technology Showdown and Sage & EDjr pages

- Other improvements and bug fixes

Got that all down? Okay, great. Now let's move onto our video series lineup...

The Tech Table

The Tech Table Update: When it comes to the format, The Tech Table is going to remain mostly as-is format-wise...well, maybe a couple of minor changes here and there, but other than that, not much.

When it comes to new episodes however, we are moving forward with several, which you can find out more about on our new Tech Table series page!

The Tech Table

GamePlay Update: Much like with The Tech Table, the pre-recorded GamePlay format will also remain exactly the same like it was before. We are still planning new episodes, which you can find out more about on our new GamePlay series page!

But we do have one special surprise up our sleeve: GamePlay Live will be making a comeback! Formerly a Twitch-only series, we're bringing it back as a live subseries of GamePlay, both on our YouTube and Mixer channels. GamePlay Live is very similar to our current pre-recorded format, but it focuses more on live audience interaction for more entertaining moments, as well as expanding the topic of a game.

BUT there is a catch to this: There are actually going to be two different versions of GamePlay Live, on YouTube and Mixer respectively. On YouTube, the GamePlay Live episodes will be archived, while the Mixer ones won't be. The latter however does give us a benefit of streaming more games that you will never see on our YouTube channel. This includes the return of Train Simulator!

Right now, we have no livestreams scheduled for GamePlay Live as of yet, but expect new streams to be scheduled around June.

The Tech Table

The Software Room Update: A MAJOR update to The Software Room is coming, and boy is it going to be interesting! The Software Room not only has a new logo, but we're also bringing in some new topics, such as video games and even other mediums, such as TV shows (that got or were going to get some form of software)!

We're also introducing a new layout to future episodes of the series, that'll be more "documentary-style" than previously. New episodes are already in the works, and you can find out what to expect on our new Software Room series page!

The Tech Table

Our Patreon-exclusive series, The SFC Group Archives, a collection of pre-2017 archived content, is getting new archived content for the month of May! We unfortunately didn't have any archived content to offer last month, but that was in large part due to work on our brand new website.

Anyways, for this month, here's the latest archived content now available for our Patreon supporters:

    - American Truck Simulator Demo (Blind Let's Play)

    - SFC Plays TS2015: Burlington Northern SD40-2

    - SFC Plays TS2015: BNSF SD40-2

    - SFC Plays Minecraft: Sonic Mod Showcase

    - SFC Plays TS2015: Assembling at Shelby

    - SFC Plays TS2015: Britain Bonanza

Now for the rest of the series below, we've made the decision to suspend work on them indefinitely in favor of our key series above (this includes event recaps and generic vlogs). The good news though is that you can still watch them on our channel, and we have no plans to take them down anytime soon. But nevertheless, here are the victims...

The Tech Table

Shoppers Showcase Update: The series hasn't received a new episode since August of last year, and well...there was a reason for that—our previous episode unfortunately did not do so well viewership-wise (despite the amount of effort we put into it) so we've decided to suspend work on all future episodes indefinitely.

While we did promise new episodes in the past (such as Sears and Toys "R" Us), we never actually had the time to work on them as we were focusing more on our key series above.

Now that doesn't necessarily mean we won't do anymore retail-themed videos on our channel, and the series might end up becoming a sub-series of one of our key series, hint hint...

The Tech Table

The Final Technology Showdown Update (for now): As you may have heard, work on the series has been suspended, but we didn't get into further detail as to why we made this decision. Well, we're here to answer your questions.

The decision to suspend work on Technology Showdown was made due to the project (notably The Prologue) proving to be way too ambitious for our small team. A lack of resources to continue the project, as well as a lack of interest in making Computer Clan homages in general, due to the problems that Computer Showdown faced as well (such as attracting an underage audience that we were not aiming for to begin with, causing fanboy wars in comments sections), didn't help much either.

We also had major problems with partner management, resulting in potential partners backing out of the project before production could even begin. Despite the series doing well viewership and reception-wise, due in large part to the past mistakes we unfortunately made, it was clear that the end was in sight, so we decided to finally stop work on the project indefinitely and move on.

It was a real shame too, as the series had so much potential. Maybe in the future, when the perfect time comes, we can bring the series back, and restart (no pun intended) from scratch. But as of now, don't expect any more new updates after this nor new episodes coming out anytime soon.

We've said this before, and we'll say it again: We're very grateful for the amazing amount of support we got when we first did the series. We would especially like to thank Ken from the Computer Clan for letting us recreate these classic Computer Showdown episodes in the highest quality possible. Without Technology Showdown, we wouldn't be where we are today.

So there you have it. We hope you guys enjoy the new content we'll be offering very soon, and we hope you'll stick with us as we go through some massive changes over the course of the next few weeks. The future is definitely looking bright for us!