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Hey folks, Sage here. I’m a guy who’s enthusiastic about preserving tech and gaming history.

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Fakin' It! NCE Instructions


Looking for my old Train Simulator reskins? You can still find them for download through the Train Sim Community Mods website. (Do not ask me for support though, as I no longer make mods for games.)

Looking for my old animations? While they may be no longer available to the public on YouTube, if you so desperately want to watch them at your own leisure, then feel free to. (A lovely reminder that these old animations were made years ago before I found my niche; they do not reflect my current standards today, nor do they reflect on my opinions on Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.)

What am I doing now? I currently do contract work for various companies, and help co-moderate for The Computer Clan. Speaking of which, I have contributed to a couple of Krazy Ken episodes, most notably the ones on Quibi and Flash Player—go check them out if you haven’t yet!