2020 has been an unprecedented year for the whole wide world; everyone was pretty much affected by it, and we mourn for the loss of those who were affected, and wish those who were affected nothing but the best.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom: For many creators, they have experienced tremendous growth, and the SFC Productions YouTube channel was no exception. Despite the amazing support however, we had to change to keep ourselves relevant, and to refocus on what we’re all about: Informative tech and gaming content.

Now, as we approach a new year, we’re more dedicated than ever to help preserve tech and gaming history (obscure or otherwise), as well as helping other creators accomplish their dreams. We recently began collaborating with The Computer Clan and its community, one of the longest-running Tech channels with over 240,000 subscribers and counting.

But it wasn’t like that a few years ago: we were a much different animal. We had focused too much on a diversity of content, lost focus of what we originally started with, and were practically stuck in the past. Throughout the next few years, we had to prove ourselves worthy, and despite the uphill challenges, our hard work has continued to pay off.

We also had to move on from the things that are no longer relevant to the channel’s content: On December 18th, we aired the Computer Showdown homage, Technology Showdown, to the public for one last time, as a way to finally move on from the past, and focus entirely on the future. There’s a lot of great things from us coming ahead for 2021, including Jackbox Januarium (the first themed month in years), and tons of new, original content.

And here’s to hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone, especially us—we might’ve moved on from the old days, but we will never forget about the good memories that have come out of it.

So thank you very much for the incredible support for the past 7 years we’ve on the internet…and we’ll continue to march on for many years to come.

– Sage

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At SFC Productions, we’re passionate about researching and preserving tech and gaming history, obscure or otherwise. The main guy behind the operation is Sage, who has had a passion for video and history since childhood.

Some of the original content we produce here include Tech Table and Gameplay Gateway, but we’ve also collaborated with other creators such as The Computer Clan.

We’ve been around on the internet since 2013, and have been around on YouTube with almost 4,000 subscribers and counting since 2015—to this day, we’re still continuing to educate and entertain people around the world.

If you have any additional questions about us or you want to suggest future topics, you can either email us over at admin@sagefun.com, or you can send us a message over on our Twitter or Facebook!

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