Here at SFC, we’re passionate about researching and preserving tech and gaming history, obscure or otherwise. The main guy behind the operations is Sage, who has had a passion for video and history since childhood.

Our channel is the home to our original content, including…

Our Brief History

SFC began in October 2013 as Sagefun.comAt the time, it was just a simple website built with iWeb—we began making videos for the website not too long after.

In February 2015, we launched our YouTube channel, as well as the second incarnation of our website, built with Adobe Muse.

The following year (2016) saw our social media presence expand to Facebook and Twitter.

In 2018, we launched the third incarnation of our website, built with Mobirise.

Finally in 2019, we launched our fourth and current incarnation of our website, built with WordPress and Elementor.

At SFC, we care about our viewers and our fans, and will continue to create the best quality content we possibly can, and we’re always open to suggestions for future topics. We’ve come a long way since we started—let’s hope the future brings us the best!

Email Contact

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