Who We Are

The SFC Group is a website and channel that focuses primarily on tech and games. Our goal here is to entertain and educate people through our content on our website, among other web platforms.

The primary place to see our content is through our website; our videos and live content are uploaded and streamed respectively through our YouTube channel, and we’re also available on Facebook and Twitter, so you can get notified of new content, along with some other fun stuff.

The SFC Group comprises of three core series:

How We Started

The SFC Group was started in October of 2013 as Sagefun.com, with the first incarnation of our website, built with iWeb. Starting in January of 2014, we began making videos for our website. At first, they were hosted through our web server.

In February of 2015, we started hosting our videos through YouTube. As well as that, we introduced the second incarnation of our website, built with Adobe Muse. The following year, we expanded our presence through Facebook and Twitter.

In 2018, after Adobe announced that Muse would be discontinued, we introduced the third incarnation of our website, this time built with Mobirise.

In 2019, we introduced the fourth and current incarnation of our website, built with WordPress and Elementor. This allowed us to really get creative with our website again, as well as taking us to our roots: making content for both our website and YouTube channel.

As a group, we care about our viewers (and our fans), and will continue to create the best quality content we possibly can. We’ve come a long way since we started; let’s hope the future brings us the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SFC stand for?

When we first started, it originally stood for the website “SageFun.Com”.

Is there any way for me to support your work?

While our website is the best way to watch and support our work, we’re also available on social media for you to stay up-to-date on our future content: YouTube (with Community page), Facebook, and Twitter.

We also accept donations through PayPal (link below), and have a Super Chat option available during our livestreams on YouTube.

When did you start making videos?

Sage, the founder and owner of The SFC Group, has had a passion for video since childhood. May not be his best work now, but it was a start.

Our first public video work was first posted on our website on January 2nd, 2014. Our first video we uploaded to YouTube was the Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide (Version 1), originally uploaded on February 18th, 2015.

When do you normally release new videos?

Video releases are on an erratic schedule, so make sure to follow us on social media (YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter) to get notified.

Can I request a topic for a future video?

We’re always open to future video suggestions. Leave a comment down below on their respective YouTube video pages, or contact us through our website, and we’ll see what we can do!

When do you normally livestream?

In terms of our Q&A streams, they’re usually broadcast through YouTube, once or twice a month.

GamePlay Live, the live edition of our GamePlay series, airs on an erratic schedule, so make sure to follow us on social media (YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter) to get notified.

Are you ever going to make Technology Showdown a series again?

While we do like the Computer Clan, homages are not the focus of our group, nor should they ever be.

For those generous enough to help support our work, we do accept donations through PayPal. You are not required to donate, but we’re giving you the option anyway. 😉