SFC (initialism for the website SageFun.Com) is a website and channel where we primarily focus on tech and games, while having fun doing it. Our main goal is to entertain and educate people through the content provided on our website, among other web platforms. The guy behind the operation is Sage, who has had a passion for video and history since childhood.

Our website and channel comprises of three core series:

A comedy series where we mostly play games.

A docuseries focused on hardware.

A docuseries focused on software.

The primary place to see our videos and articles are through our website; our videos are also uploaded through our YouTube channel, where we also do monthly livestreams. We’re also available on FacebookTwitter, and Discord, so you can get up-to-date on new content from us, along with some other fun stuff.

Learn about our brief history…

SFC began in October 2013 as Sagefun.comAt the time, it was just a simple website built with iWeb; we began making videos for the website not too long after.

In February of 2015, we launched our YouTube channel, as well as the second incarnation of our website, built with Adobe Muse. The following year saw our social media presence expanded to Facebook and Twitter. In 2018, we launched the third incarnation of our website, built with Mobirise. Finally, in 2019, we launched the fourth and current incarnation of our website, built with WordPress and Elementor.

At SFC, we care about our viewers (as well as our fans), and will continue to create the best quality content we possibly can. We’ve come a long way since we started; let’s hope the future brings us the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the work?

Sage is the main guy behind the operation; he does most of the work, such as the writing, editing, researching, etc.

However, some trusted members of our community have contributed to some of our content. We’ve also collaborated with larger YouTubers, such as The Computer Clan.

Is there any way for me to support your work?

While our website and YouTube channel are the best ways to watch and support our work, we’re also available on social media for you to stay up-to-date on our future content: YouTube (with Community page), Facebook, and Twitter.

During our livestreams, we do provide a Super Chat [$] donation option.

When did you start making videos?

Our first videos were first published through our website in 2014. Our first published YouTube video was the Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide (Version 1), originally uploaded on February 18th, 2015.

When do you normally release new content?

Video and article releases are scheduled erratically, so make sure to follow us on social media (YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter) to get notified.

When do you normally livestream?

Our Q&A streams usually airs once or twice a month on YouTube.

GamePlay Live, the live edition of our GamePlay series, airs erratically, so make sure to follow us on social media (YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter) to get notified.

Can I request a topic for a future video/article?

We’re always open to future video/article suggestions. Leave a comment down below on their respective YouTube video pages, or join our Discord to suggest ideas for our shows with other viewers!

Email Contact

If you have any questions about us that you want answered through email, you can use this form below.

(Please make sure you whitelist admin@sagefun.com in your email service/client.)