In order to comply with Discord’s Terms of Service, we require that you MUST be over the age of 13, and that your Discord account is verified.

We welcome you to the official SFC Discord server, where our fans get to hang out with other fans, as well as discuss the topics covered in our series, or just talk about tech and games in general!

Here are some of the benefits you get when you join our Discord:

General Discussions

Our Discord server offers general discussion channels, where you can discuss about anything tech or gaming related, along with general discussions and link sharing.

Content Discussions

Our Discord server offers discussion channels for our series (The Tech Table, The Software Room, and GamePlay), as well as content made exclusively for our website.

Get Notified

When you join our Discord server, you'll instantly get notified of new videos, livestreams, and website content from us.

Extra Goodies

Our Discord server also offers some extra goodies, including custom emojis and some fun bot commands.