How the Fakin’ It: No Cam Edition Works

Ever wanted to play Fakin’ It, but don’t have any players to see each other, or you’re trying to play the game during a livestream? Fear not, because we have a solution: No Cam Edition.

Now for those who don’t know, Fakin’ It is one of five games included in the Jackbox Party Pack 3, and is notable for being the first Jackbox game whose art was directed by Owen Watson. Fakin’ It was in development for multiple years, up until it was finally released alongside the third Jackbox Party Pack on October 18th, 2016.

The basic gameplay itself is sort of similar to the card game “Spyfall”, which involves a similar premise of trying to find the outlier. However, what makes this game stand out is the artwork and the gameplay. However, this game has one major problem: It is NOT streamer-friendly. This is where our “No Cam Edition” comes in.

Now before I go over the instructions, a couple quick notes:

First of all, this is NOT intended to be the recommended way to play Fakin’ It normally; it is merely for experimental purposes.

Secondly, people have attempted this type of playing before (and there’s even videos about it), but no one has really gotten creative with these instructions, other than you know who.

In this GamePlay article, we’ll be showing you how to play Fakin’ It: No Cam Edition, and show you how it’s just as fun as when playing it normally.

Now in case you don’t know the aim of this game, this is the guy to catch…

The Faker

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In each round, each player is given a task. However, one random player will get nothing but a “Try to blend in” message—that person is the Faker. The main goal of this game is for all the players to unanimously vote for the Faker. If they do, the Faker is caught, and the players get points.

The Faker however, can try to deceive people into picking the wrong person; there are only 3 chances (2 if it’s a 3 player game) to catch the Faker before he escapes, resulting in the Faker getting the points.

Now let’s get to the categories…

Hands of Truth

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A Hands of Truth task involves raising your hand—it’s a rather simple concept when doing it in-person, but what about for people without cameras?

Well, that’s also rather simple: Raising your hand is the equivalent of answering “Yes” to a question, while not raising your hand is the equivalent of answering the opposite.

  • Answer “Y” or “Yes” if you’re raising your hand.
  • Answer “N” or “No” if you’re NOT raising your hand.

You Gotta Point

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A You Gotta Point task involves pointing at another player—again, rather simple when doing it in-person, but what about for people without cameras?

If your messaging service supports it, you can mention (or @) another person, which is equivalent to pointing at somebody, although changing your mind will be a bit more difficult.

  • To point at a specific person, mention (or @) that person.

Face Value

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A Face Value task involves making a face; It’s a rather simple concept when doing it in-person, but what about for people without cameras?

Making a face is the equivalent to using an emoji; any emoji really, as long as it has a face in it. But like with You Gotta Point, changing your mind is going to be a bit more difficult.

  • To make a face, type in any emoji you’d like to use, but make sure to pick it as fast as you can.

Number Pressure

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A Number Pressure task involves pointing a certain number of fingers, normally up to 10.

The No Cam Edition way is pretty easy to do: Just type in a number from 0 to 10. (In order to make the No Cam Edition as authentic to the original gameplay as possible, any negative number or numbers higher than 10 are prohibited…unless you want to get caught as the Faker easily.)

  • Type in a number from 0 to 10, which represents the minimum and maximum number of fingers a normal person’s hand would have.

Noises Off (unused)

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Noises Off is an unused category—he does not exist during gameplay, except as a stand-in to complete the gang. According to the devs, the category was going to involve sound, but it was scrapped due to not being able to process them all at once. The only evidence that suggested he was going to be a category are inside the games files.

He would later appear as a cameo in future Owen Watson art directed Jackbox games, including Monster Seeking Monster and Split the Room.

Text You Up

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The final round is probably the most simple out of all the other categories: Just use your controller!

Need I say no more…

So that’s about it! Like I said before, this isn’t the best way to play this game, but it is a neat experiment to play around with.

Now these instructions mainly apply to any chat program with private group chat capabilities, such as Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. It is NOT recommended for use in live chatrooms, such as on YouTube and Twitch. If you desperately want to use these instructions for that purpose, use them at your own risk.

It is also recommended that you still use some form of voice communication for this No Cam Edition (alongside the text chat stuff), particularly for the “discuss among your friends” part.

If you manage to follow all of the instructions carefully, you can start Fakin’ It with friends online!

Here’s to hope it’ll give Jackbox some ideas for a streamer-friendly sequel…


Fakin’ It characters originally designed by Owen Watson and Jackbox Games
Illustrations for the website drawn by Sage
Special thanks to the Jackbox community who suggested it

Need a condensed version?

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