Three Marbles at a (Fu)Bar (Marble Blast Fubar)

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Here we'll be playing a Marble Blast mod called Marble Blast Fubar.

Download Marble Blast Fubar here:

Game Information: Marble Blast Fubar (December 31st, 2015)

Marble Blast Fubar (the word originating from "F'ed Up Beyond All Recognition") was a mod based on Marble Blast Gold, developed by Marble Blast community member Aaryl.

Unlike most Gold mods, this one gives its own unique spin, and that's immediately shown on the title screen. The color scheme is quite different (plus it's red which is my favorite color), and it even has its own music, not borrowing heavily from the original game.

When you click "Play Game" on the main menu, you would be greeted with a "Connect to Marble Blast Fubar Online" screen where you would input your usual Marble Blast Online account credentials. You also have the option to play offline or as a guest. (At the time, the Offline mode didn't work properly.)

The main screen contains a chat box, but once you press "Play" on the top-left corner, you would then be greeted with a level selection screen. There are five difficulty levels in Fubar: Tutorial, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional.

The gameplay itself is pretty similar to that of Marble Blast Gold: WASD to move, Space to Jump, the mouse to move the camera and/or activate a power-up, the usual stuff. The power-ups from Gold are also there, including Super Jump, Gyrocopter, Super Bounce, Shock Absorber, etc.

However, there are several noticeable visual differences: The font looks more cartoony, the narrator sounds more like a high-pitch female voice, and the backgrounds feel a bit cheap. On some levels where you have to make it at a certain time, when the timer is about to reach the qualification point, the screen flashes red borders before a big "FAILED TO QUALIFY!" text appears.

One new feature in Marble Blast Fubar compared to Gold though is an XP bar. Every time you beat a level, you gain more XP, which would unlock more level, over time. The higher the difficulty, the more XP you get when you beat a level.

All of the levels in this mod are new, some of which are pretty unique in their own right. Here are some examples:

  • Jump, Bounce, Splat! is a very simple level. It takes place in a mountainous overworld environment, and all you need are jumping power-ups to beat the level.
  • The Need for Speed Pro Challenge is where you're trying to collect gems while racing across a track. You're also on a timer so better be quick!
  • Waterfall is where you collect gems while sliding down a "waterfall" (it's basically a downward slope) before reaching the end goal.
  • Finally, The Time is Nigh is where you have to make it to the end in the fastest time possible. When the player hits a piece of wood ahead of them, it moves downward, which in turn, gains speed for the player. The player will then hit one of three exits: 2 of them have Time Travel power-ups.

Other level themes include Air Hockey, fire, and even natural disasters.

While Marble Blast Fubar is a fun and unique experience, unfortunately it was plagued with bugs at the time of this video's release. The developer has since fixed the majority of the bugs, but after that, went quiet after a while.

Marble Blast Fubar is currently unavailable for download, due to the release of PlatinumQuest. But if you happen to already have it, it's definitely worth checking out.

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