Go Go Powered Marbles! (Marble Blast Powered Up)

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Here we’ll be playing a Marble Blast mod called Marble Blast Powered Up, containing sandbox levels, challenges, and much more!

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Game Information: Marble Blast Powered Up (November 28th, 2013)

Marble Blast Powered Up (or Marble Blast Gold: Powered Up!) is a Marble Blast Gold mod developed by Marble Blast community member Whirligig.

At first, Powered Up! may look like an expansion to Gold, and well...it is. The title and options screens are almost EXACTLY the same as Gold. The basic gameplay of Powered Up! is the same as Gold; it even has all of the levels from Gold.

So, what's so special about this mod? This is where we get into the new features:

  • Powered Up! allows the player to select a marble of their choice. Some of them are available from the get-go, while others you have to purchase via virtual currency, which you can earn throughout the game. (Don't worry guys, this game doesn't have microtransactions, thank god.)
  • Challenges are basically unique spins on the existing levels. For example, in Learning to Roll, there is a challenge where the camera is backwards, and in Catch the Gems, there is a challenge where the gems are harder to get. Not every map has a challenge though.
  • There are some new levels found in each of the difficulty levels. Some of these new levels include: Upstairs and Downstairs, Fan Chamber, Applied Torque, Flirting with Death, Tower of Space, Cirque de la Bille, and my personal favorite: Friendly Flat.
  • There is a new category of levels: Sandbox. This is where the mod really shines. There are 25 new levels and the difficulty varies, but they all have something in common: They demonstrate NEW power-ups and abilities made exclusively for this mod. These include: Super Oil, higher gravity underwater, blocks that can be knocked over, etc.

Overall, as stated before, Powered Up! feels like an expansion pack to Marble Blast Gold; nothing new visual-wise, but the extra content and mechanics help spruce up the gameplay, allowing for more play time.

Marble Blast Powered Up is still available for download on the Marble Blast website, so if you want a unique twist on or an expansion to Marble Blast Gold, Powered Up! is the mod to look for.

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