Minecraft TENsion (Minecraft for Windows 10) (Ft. TonyTainMent)

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Here we'll try to survive the first night in Minecraft for Windows 10!

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Game Information: Minecraft for Windows 10 (formerly Minecraft Windows 10 Edition) (July 29th, 2015)

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition was similar to the Pocket Edition in terms of features and interface (and was coded in C++ instead of Java), but it was designed to run on Windows 10 PCs and Tablets as a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app. The gameplay is very similar to that of Java Edition, with several elements from the other Bedrock editions, most notably different main menu, world selection, world creation, and options screens ported from the Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition was originally released as a beta in July of 2015, and left beta on December 19th, 2016 at a price of $26.95 USD, the same price as Minecraft Java Edition. Those who purchased Java Edition before October 19th, 2018 got the Windows 10 Edition for free, which is how Sage obtained his copy.

Today, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is called "Minecraft" after the Better Together update, which was released in September of 2017. The versions that include cross-platform compatibility (and let's not forget microtransactions) are known as the "Bedrock Edition", while the original PC version is now called the "Java Edition". Multiplayer servers and worlds created on either Java or Bedrock editions are not compatible with one another, due to coding differences.

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