Minecraft Super Mario Bros: Taking Leaps of Faith (Minecraft)

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We're going WAY back to the first version of Minecraft to play a now outdated map... Today, we'll be playing the first world of Minecraft Super Mario Bros by Jarse!

Game Information: Minecraft 1.0 - Minecraft Super Mario Bros. by Jarse (2011)

(WARNING: For those who didn't watch the video yet, Spoilers Ahead.)

Minecraft Super Mario Bros. was one of those recreations of the original Super Mario Bros. made by Jarse, during the early days of Minecraft. It was also one of the maps we played on video back in March of 2015; that video reeks of audio quality today. Almost 5 years later, we're revisiting this map once again to see how it holds up today, but this time using the proper Minecraft version it was designed for.

The map starts with a recreation of World 1-1. All the usual placements of this level are there, albeit the question marks are replaced with mostly empty dispensers, the pits are represented by lava, and there are NO enemies. It does however recreate the hidden 1-UP (represented by an enchanted golden apple) as a hidden dispenser on the ground, and the fourth pipe that leads you to a bonus level (inside is a dispenser in the blue wall containing 19 gold ingots), which in turn, leads you to the end of the level. The warp process uses a Nether portal system, similar to the one used in the early versions of Tetrix1993's 3rd Course before command blocks existed.

After you beat each level, you are led into a castle which takes you to your first checkpoint. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for it to become night because that checkpoint happens to be a bed.

Then we come to a recreation of World 1-2. The first five dispensers do have items in it, with the mushroom represented by...a cooked porkchop? Much like the first level, there are NO enemies aside from the lava pits. There is also a recreation of the warp zone if you happen to skip through the entire level via the top at the beginning, and then sneak through the ladders. Unfortunately, the pipes lead you to...nothing. And there's no way to get out, so basically, you're stuck. The last couple of jumps near the end of this level are also pretty difficult for newcomers to parkour; once you land in that lava, you not only lose all your items, but if you didn't sleep in the bed or the spawn point system decided to stop working, you have to start ALL OVER from the beginning. Charming.

Afterwards, we come to a recreation of World 1-3: A level with "semisolid" platforms. The pits are represented by water, and luckily you can swim in them to the nearest ladder and resume right where you left off, all without losing items. The rest of the level is similar to the others.

Finally, we come to a recreation of World 1-4. Since this is Minecraft 1.0, the rotating fireball blocks are represented as...fire and nether blocks. There is also a tricky three-block wide, one-block high jump, which can get very irritating if not done correctly. But if you happen to get across, you'll move through normally until you get to the trapdoor bridge. Now as we all know, level 4 of each world has a fake Bowser boss in it...except he doesn't exist in Minecraft Super Mario Bros. Just flip the switch, and some loud piston noises will play. The trapdoors will do nothing unless you open one, which in that case, all of them are goners.

After you complete the final level of World 1, you are greeted with the usual world ending, "THANK YOU MARIO! BUT OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!" with Toad represented by a red mushroom placed on top of a white wool block.

And...that's it. The player is then blocked by a black/yellow "WORK IN PROGRESS" wall. Only World 1 was ever completed. The map maker probably had plans for more worlds, but since February 2012, the author of the map has went quiet and the project has since been abandoned.

For 2011 standards, a recreation of Super Mario Bros. like this was considered acceptable. Today though, you can do a much better recreation using newer versions of Minecraft, essentially rendering this map obsolete.

Despite the map having not been updated in years, the Minecraft Forum thread for it is still available, albeit in VERY small text. The download link however, is broken.

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