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Here we'll be playing a now-discontinued mobile game called Pac-Man Friends, where you have to guide Pac-Man and his friends to the exit!

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Game Information: Pac-Man Friends (August 20th, 2014)

Pac-Man Friends was a spin-off of the popular Pac-Man franchise, released for iOS and Android devices in August of 2014.

The gameplay is similar to that of Pac-Man, except the titular character can now freely move around, with several different control schemes: Joystick, Touch, D-Pad, or Gyroscope. The goal of each level is to collect all the pellets, and reach the goal before the time limit on it reaches zero. You'll also need to avoid static or moving ghosts while navigating through the level. Power pellets can be used to eat ghosts, and fruits can be collected for extra points.

Each level also has a three-star system (used in many Rovio-developed games), that determines how well you played in that level.

Much like many mobile games, the game contains microtransactions, in the form of cherry and time powerups, both of which allow the player to recover Pac-Man from getting captured, and slow down the timer respectively.

But the biggest change that spruces up the gameplay is that Pac-Man now has some friends to rely on, such as:

  • A small gray Pac-Man that has no special abilities, but some levels may have numbers of them.
  • A semi-transparent "Bondi Blue" Pac-Man that can pass through ghosts without getting hurt.
  • A neon-blue Pac-Man that lights up dark areas in certain levels.
  • A beach ball Pac-Man that bounces off walls more than the others.

Aside from the microtransactions, Pac-Man Friends is a rather fun mobile spin-off that gives the normal Pac-Man formula some new life, as well as some unique gameplay.

Sadly though, as of today, the game is no longer available for download on either app stores.

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