The Quest for Marblot (PlatinumQuest Demo)

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Here we'll be playing a few levels in the demo of Marble Blast Platinum's successor: PlatinumQuest.

Download PlatinumQuest here:

Game Information: PlatinumQuest Demo (August 13th, 2016)

During development of Marble Blast Platinum successor PlatinumQuest, the team released a free demo to give players an idea of what the game would be like.

The demo is similar to the full game (which would be released less than a year later) except most content has been removed. This includes many of the singleplayer levels and multiplayer.

On the title screen, you only have three choices: Play, Options, and Quit. Under Options are only two settings you can adjust: General (mostly graphics and music) and Hotkeys.

As for the PlatinumQuest levels themselves, there are only 15 in this demo: 4 tutorial levels, 3 beginner levels, 3 intermediate levels, 3 advanced levels, and 2 expert levels.

Some of the new features in PlatinumQuest are included in this demo, such as the new textures, enhanced graphics, cannons, and hints on the level selection and loading screens. However, since this was a pre-release demo, some parts of the UI, such as the fonts and design, were incomplete.

The Demo is still available for download if you look hard enough, but since the full game (which is also free) has been released, it's no longer necessary to download the demo.

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