The Hunt for Evil IE’s (Project Mission)

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Here we'll be playing an old first-person shooter game from the Computer Clan long ago: Project Mission, a game where you shoot up Internet Explorer's with evil red eyes!

Game Information: Project Mission by Computer Clan Game Studios (January 20th, 2011)

Back in the old days of the Computer Clan (in the loosest form), two former members, Rainulous (now Merewife) and Pelican (now Autumn), developed a game called Project Mission, a science-fiction DOOM-like first-person shooter.

(WARNING: For those who haven't watched the episode yet, spoilers ahead.)

When you first start the game, you'll be greeted with a title screen, telling the user to press SPACE to start.

After you do just that, you are taken to a small area with a red flag in front of you. You have full health, no timer, and a white-colored gun with the CC text on it. Speaking of that, there are several references to the Computer Clan throughout the entire game. Some of the "plant objects" are vintage CC logos (but most of the time it's stretched Windows windows). Some of the walls also have green binary text, where if you look closely, you may see the word "HILDRON" on it.

Anyways, moving towards the first red flag grants you a message telling you to go to the help screen (F1) for "enclosed instructions" (clearly not a reference to Hotel Mario): You use the arrow keys to move around (not WASD), X and Z to strife left and right respectively, SHIFT to run faster, and SPACE to shoot with the gun. The "+" aren't your friends, but a way to regenerate health, as well as gain points.

The only enemies you'll have to face are the Internet Explorer icons...with evil red eyes. Their mechanics are similar to those of the Cacodemon from DOOM.

The music...where do I begin? It's mostly a bunch of MIDI's from other games converted to 8-bit tracks using GXSCC. One of them being the Forest Maze theme from Super Mario RPG for the SNES.

The game consists of six areas: The first area is a rather simple maze, the second and third area are a little bit difficult (but not too difficult), the fourth and fifth areas become a bit more difficult, and the final area is an ambush, where you kill a whole bunch of Evil IE's.

Afterwards, it's over. The end goal is a cake (totally isn't a lie), which supposedly teleports you out of the maze...and the game just ends. You then submit your high score, and the game quits afterwards.

So, what else is there to say? The game reeks of quality by today's standards. It's quite obvious what this is: It's a reskin of an old Game Maker tutorial focusing on making first-person shooter games, and it shows. But to the game's defense, it does have some unique features, such as a title screen, a high score table, checkpoints, and (sort of) an end boss and an end goal. But other than that, once you know your way around, the game gets really repetitive, really fast.

But aside from its major flaws, it is a piece of Computer Clan history that's not worth being forgotten. 

Initially, the game was available for download on the CC website, until it was taken down sometime later on, and then moved as an exclusive to the CC Backstage forum. (Anyone remember that?) During this time, a Mac port was being worked on, as well as a prequel/sequel, which ultimately never got released to the public.

After CC Backstage was shut down, Project Mission would be left forgotten for a while...until we decided to dig it out of its grave for our GamePlay series. As of the writing of this review, our let's play has over 5,000 views on YouTube, well over the views of the original trailer uploaded by the CC all those years ago. Who would've thought?

The game wasn't made available for download at the time of our video's release, but thanks to bringing the nostalgia up on the Computer Clan's Discord server (which totally did not contribute to a Krazy Ken episode focused on his old games), the game would finally be re-released as a Patreon exclusive, making it available for download once more.

If you're willing to support the Computer Clan on Patreon, it'll be well worth finally getting your hands on this once forgotten piece of Computer Clan history!

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