Whacky’s Extreme Parkour: Those Dang Iron Bars! (Minecraft)

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It's been a long time since we played Minecraft, but now we're back! Today, we'll be revisiting an old Minecraft parkour map that got the GamePlay series started: Whacky's Extreme Parkour!

Download the Whacky's Extreme Parkour map here (1.6.4 recommended):

Game Information: Minecraft 1.6.4 - Whacky's Extreme Parkour (2013)

Whacky's Extreme Parkour was one of the first parkour maps we played back in 2014, back when we used the website to host our videos. We revisited this map in March of 2015, as the first gaming video on our YouTube channel. Almost 5 years later, we're revisiting this map once again, but this time using the proper Minecraft version it was designed for.

Extreme Parkour has 5 levels throughout the map:

  • Level 1 (Which Hole?) is where you have to jump into one of four holes; only one of them leads you to the exit.
  • Level 2 (Jump! Jump!) is where you do some rather advanced lava parkour, which can get pretty difficult for newcomers. The level consists of tricky iron bar and sprint jumps, all while surrounded by bedrock.
  • Level 3 (Maze Time) is where you have to find your way to the exit without getting lost. It's also enclosed in bedrock, much like the last level.
  • Level 4 (WipeOut Time) is Wipeout-themed, so you have to make it to the end without getting pushed by the pistons and burned in lava!
  • The final level (LAST LEVEL) is split into three sections: The first section is where you have to avoid getting hit by the arrows in the dispensers, and the second section has more lava parkour, though not as difficult as the second level this time. The third and final section is located above the map, where you are forced to do more advanced parkour (including tricky iron bar and sprint jumps) before you reach the very end.

Whacky's Extreme Parkour is a rather short, but difficult parkour map. Even players who have somewhat mastered parkour (like I did), may have a hard time trying to get through some of the more difficult levels. While some of the levels on this map have nothing to do with parkour (like the maze level),  the majority of the map at least does involve parkour.

Despite its flaws, the map is worth checking out at least once; it is still available for download through CurseForge.

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