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WARNING: GamePlay Live may contain content not suitable for general audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

GamePlay Live is the live edition of our GamePlay series, focusing on audience interaction for more entertaining moments, as well as expanding the topic of a game.

The live show is currently undergoing tech rehearsals; the first official episode is expected to air prior to Summer 2020.

Live Chat Rules

We try to keep the chat experience the best possible for every viewer, so please read over the rules before chatting:

1. While we do like to see funny reactions from the audience, please keep the swearing to a minimum for others, and please refrain from using any offensive slurs.

2. Please don’t flood or spam the chat with the same message. We get you.

3. All of our viewers (including moderators) are treated equally with respect, and are not considered above the rules. Discrimination, harassment, and impersonation of others are strictly prohibited.

4. We are open to any discussions, but when it comes to more controversial topics, such as politics or religion, please keep them to a bare minimum; we are not here to rile people up. More serious topics that could harm others are strictly prohibited.

5. Please don’t force our viewers to give out their personal information. Personal information is personal for a reason.

Got the rules? Then you’re all set to go! Just remember: If any of these rules are broken, there will be consequences. But most importantly, use common sense.