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Joining SFC+ requires a YouTube account—we require that you MUST be over the age of 13 (18+ is recommended), in order to comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service.
NOTICE: YouTube memberships may not work for iOS users.

For only $1.99/month, you not only help support our work, but also get the following:

Early Access

Get early access to our latest episodes before the public gets to see them!

Backstage Pass

Get a backstage look at what we do here, watch some exclusive bonus material, or take a blast from the past!

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Original Shorts

Watch the exclusive original short Marble Movement, a 2-minute short film that focuses on a unique Marble contraption.

Watch our 2-minute short Marble Movement!

Other Goodies

SFC+ members also get access to three exclusive channels with backstage access, as well as a voice chat, on our Discord server!*

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* you may need to connect your primary YouTube account with your Discord account (under User Settings > Connections) to get the Discord server benefits.