Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows (Full Compilation)

NOTICE: For archival and entertainment purposes only; we are not meant to offend anyone who is a Mac, Windows, Linux, or any kind of computer user, nor does it reflect our opinions on the operating systems themselves.

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You asked for it: Here is a full compilation of the ORIGINAL and UNCUT Technology Showdown episodes that we did years ago! Also, stick around until the end for a bonus…

This compilation contains the following episodes:

Part 1 (Originally aired on July 29th, 2015)
It’s Apple versus Windows versus Ubuntu; who will win?

Part 2 (Originally aired on August 10th, 2015)
It’s Apple against a new threat: Windows and Ubuntu merged together as the “Winbuntu”!

Part 3 (Originally aired on August 26th, 2015)
The Winbuntu are ready to get revenge on Apple once again; this time however, Tux is on Apple’s side, and there’s another opponent lurking…

Part 4: Icon Wars (Originally aired on December 17th, 2015)
Apple takes a vacation in a user’s desktop, but little does he realize an icon war is waging!

The Finale (Originally aired on June 18th, 2016)
This is it! Apple and Tux are up against the Winbuntu for one last time. Who will come out victorious?

This video is a homage to the classic Computer Showdown series originally made by The Computer ClanAny third party logos, and content such as videos, music, or any other form of media, belong to their respective owners.


UPDATE: The Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows movie project is currently on hold until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Technology Showdown: Apple vs. Windows will be our final hurrah to the homage. All 5 episodes are getting remastered in 1080p HD, “reimagined” to fit our current quality standards, and merged into a single animated film. We’ll also have new voice dubs, as well as new dialogue and material, and will finally conclude the story.

There is currently no release date specified at this point and time.