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Well, it’s been a long run, hasn’t it?

The Software Room currently holds the record for being our longest-running series to date, being around since we began in 2013.

However, that run comes to an end—as part of our efforts to start fresh, we’re announcing that The Software Room brand will cease to exist starting early next year. But before you guys panic in regards to new software reviews, don’t worry! We’ll still planning on doing those, but they’ll now be (mostly) part of The Tech Table instead. (This is being done in an effort to focus on only two categories that match our tagline: tech and games.)

As for our Software Room editorials focusing on E3 (along with future episodes focusing on video games), they’ll move under our newly rebranded and reformatted GamePlay series, which will be officially rebranded as the Gameplay Gateway starting early next year.

Moving forward in 2021, this will be our series lineup:

Tech Table (Tech)

  • Hardware Reviews
    (computers, consoles, etc.)
  • Software Reviews
    (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.)
  • Hardware (or Retail) and Software history

Gameplay Gateway (Games)

  • Video Game Reviews
    (PC, console, mobile, etc.)
  • Board Game Reviews
  • Gaming History

Now there is some good news to come out of this: We are planning on streaming more often (mostly games and such), but we’re not so sure about the scheduling yet…just make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring that bell to get notified of future episodes!

We’re also working hard on redesigning the thumbnails for all of our qualifying episodes and editorials, which should be finished by the end of this year. We’re also planning another major website update later in December to reflect on the new changes were making.

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